DigiSmart educational apps

DigiSmart educational apps engage children and improve their learning, harnessing the power of the digital medium.

Motivation, structure, challenge and fun are the essential ingredients.

The team

Our team of educators spans experience of primary and secondary school teaching, teacher training, student assessment, authorship, creative media and university research.


DigiSmart began in 2001 as a web-based educational programme designed to boost the academic success and confidence of under-achieving children. It was successfully trialled and evaluated between 2001–2016, working with 1,000 schools, 3,400 teachers and 20,964 pupils.

Literacy impact

DigiSmart’s positive impact on literacy attainment was confirmed in an External Evaluation by the University of Roehampton, London: “It is clear from the data collected during the research that pupils participating in DigiSmart achieve real progress in literacy. Impact is quick and sustained.”


During this 15-year period, children’s performance in reading was tracked and assessed — before and again at the end of DigiSmart. A large body of evidence from 2002–2016 confirmed that all children improved in their reading, 90% made strong reading gains and over 50% did better than age-related expectations.


The proven impact of the DigiSmart method, combined with children’s growing use of tablets in education, led to the decision to create a portfolio of DigiSmart apps drawing from the range of activities in the original programme and with the same unwavering and exciting objective — to motivate children and boost their success in education.