Louise Sage, Year 6 teacher

“As a previous user and champion of DigiSmart I am so pleased to see the important focus on skimming, scanning and keywords in the new app. Often not enough time is given to teaching these skills and they can be undervalued. DigiSmart has always been a great way to teach them and it is fantastic to be able to use the app with larger groups and classes.”

Louise Sage, Y6 teacher, English Leader and Specialist Leader in Education, Essex

Julie Stevens, Senior Primary Teacher

“For teachers the DigiSmart app is a dream of a resource. There’s so much content to use that will keep you going for ages. I use it for guided reading, with small groups, whole classes, one-to-one, for homework club, from the whiteboard too. There’s no end to the possibilities.”

Julie Stevens, Senior Primary Teacher and Adviser

Andrew McCormick, Year 5 Class Teacher

“The DigiSmart app really does help children with their reading in a very engaging fun way. It promotes speed and accuracy of reading, plus independent working. Children were able to work though the levels and fathom things out, including using the scores to challenge themselves to do better. They enjoyed receiving the feedback as well.”

Andrew McCormick, Year 5 Class Teacher, Lawrence Community Primary School, Liverpool

Michelle Mercer, Deputy Head

“The DigiSmart app definitely addresses the skills required for any test paper children are likely to be faced with. In particular it helps with managing the SATs test which is all about working efficiently — reading the question, skimming and scanning, identifying and using key words.”

Michelle Mercer, Deputy Head, St. Stephen’s CE Primary School, Blackburn

Katharine Eatough (left), Year 4 teacher with colleague Elaine Eldridge (right)

“Children love the variety in the DigiSmart app, there is plenty of challenge and they really like the feedback after each question. Once they realised they would get higher scores if they used the techniques effectively their reading became more accurate and thorough.”

Katharine Eatough (left), Year 4 teacher, Furze Platt Junior School, Maidenhead — with colleague Elaine Eldridge (right)

Jake aged 11

“Before I used DigiSmart my skimming and scanning were rubbish but now I know I will find reading tests easier. I’ll be able to do them. To start with I couldn’t be bothered but now I am really into it.”

Jake aged 11

“The DigiSmart scores showed me how well I was doing and encouraged me to try again and do even better.”

Stefan aged 12

Ella aged 10

“To begin with I didn’t watch the DigiSmart videos. Then I realised I was struggling with the questions and my scores weren’t too good so I tried the videos and they helped me to understand. They are fun and clever. You did a brilliant job.”

Ella aged 10

“DigiSmart is very helpful. It makes me feel happy and confident about my reading.”

Nadia aged 9

Hardeep Parmar, Primary teacher and parent

“The videos in the DigiSmart app are brilliant, they explain the reading skills and concepts in a way that’s so clever and easy for children to understand.”

Hardeep Parmar, Primary teacher and parent, London

Sarah Matthews, Year 6 teacher and English lead with Head Teacher David Lane

“Myself and the other Y6 teacher are really impressed with the DigiSmart app. It’s full of all kinds of things to interest Upper KS2 children — very relevant, topical and not at all childish. Children took to it immediately. They recognised that it becomes more challenging as they work through the levels. Reluctant readers, especially the boys, love it.”

Sarah Matthews, Year 6 teacher and English lead, High Lawn Primary School, Bolton — with Head Teacher David Lane