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Packed with animal magnetism, inspiring children to write with fluency and confidence.


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Stimulating variety

Creatures come alive. 30 animal files, supportive and lively content, stunningly illustrated with over 150 full-colour zoomable photos.

Factual writing

Activities help children to plan, research and develop their writing clearly and coherently.

Descriptive writing

Acquire the power of well chosen words. Use the in-app thesaurus to write in fresh distinctive ways. Impress yourself, wow others.

Wow Words

Persuasive writing

Dedicated activity topic, plenty of relevant content plus extra support resources to help children construct a case and spread the word.

Designing and performing

Encourages children to adapt their writing to a range of contexts and audiences, including digital media and formal presentations.

Writing and design tipsExample presentation

Sheila Hancock presentation tipsStand and deliver example

30 full
Animal fact files

Full colour images

Topic-based projects

Activities +
12 support resources

WOW Words
Adjective thesaurus